A little about me,

Design is my primary language, but my artwork is really the intersection of all my great aesthetic loves:  the stark, minimalist line of architecture and the balance and control of design, those things confronted with the spontaneity of light and moment, the excitement of travel, of discovery. As a native of the state who has never moved away, re-discovering my surroundings has been just as important as travel; and this idea of place, as an architect viewing the way the local mindset appears in the buildings and constructions of a place... it’s the crux of the work. Each canvas becomes a representation of my memory of place. The materials I use to augment the photographic transfers-- wax, gilding, smudged pigments, even drywall compound-- these provide the texture that memories seem to contain ethereally.

As an artist, I feel a responsibility to create beautiful and inspiring works that enhance our lives, and not only in a physical, visual way, but in a social way as well. I am an artistic individual who believes that design lies at the heart of everything, and through art and design we can make this a better place to call home.

My other loves? My family, friends, and fast cars. In that order. The people in your life truly make the good times worth having. Thank you for taking the moment to get to know me and essentially, how each piece I create taps back into me.

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